Roots Galleria is an international collective of designers, artists, and craftsmen. We are furniture makers and curators whose aesthetic draws on the simplicity and solidity of Vintage Industrial design. Roots Galleria pieces represent a cross-section of the past and present.For our product line, master craftsmen unite vintage industrial reclaimed parts with newly fabricated materials. The result is a line of beautifully worn new pieces that reflect the functional aesthetic of the factory while retaining the warmth of urban living.

Our curation team gathers modern and vintage industrial furniture, fixtures, fine art, and collectibles. Many of our finds are one of a kind salvaged treasures that have become objects of desire. Clients include Interior, Retail, Restaurant, Hospitality, and Production Designers, as well as the savvier design-loving public.

About Our Materials:
Roots Galleria believes in sourcing reclaimed materials whenever possible, not just for their remarkable beauty, texture, character, and durability, but because it is environmentally sound. Much of our wood is salvaged from the roof beams, roof trusses, joints, and floorboards of old houses, barns, and warehouses, either demolished or in disrepair. After decades (or even centuries) of seasoning, it offers a strength and stability superior to virgin wood. For our new woods we favor highly sustainable teak, mango, acacia, and other tropical hardwoods, which bring warmth of history to contemporary pieces. Much of the iron and steel we re-craft is rescued from abandoned factories and vintage machinery.

Roots Galleria 是一个汇集设计师,艺术家和工匠的国际品牌。身为家具制造商和策展人,我们的审美侧重于工业复古设计的简单和坚固性。大部分设计作品呈现出过去与现在的完美结合。我们的产品是工匠们将工业复古质感融合于现代材料设计之中制作而成。其不仅反映出工业设计的美感,又体现出城市生活的美好与温馨。

Roots Galleria 相信任何时候都要尽量使用循环利用的材料。不仅因为这些材料独有的色泽、纹理、特质和耐用性,更是因为材料的无害环保。大部分的木料来源于废弃或拆除的老房子、谷仓及仓库的房梁、屋架和地板。经过几十年甚至上百年的自然变化,它提供的强度和稳定性都优于普通新木材。当然,即使是使用新木材,我们更青睐于再生性高的柚木,芒果木,相思木等热带硬木。而大部分的钢铁材料也是从废弃的工厂和老式机械上获取并再利用的。这些材料将带来一种质朴的怀旧感。